Friday, 20 January 2017

Education System: School in Forest

In Derridian discourse, it is believed that *Language bears within itself the necessity of its own critique*. The element to undermine the proposition or hypothesis lies within itself.
जो भी हम कहना चाहे
बर्बाद करे अल्फाज़ हमारे  (Irshad kaamil)
_When I pronounce the word Future,the first syllable already belongs to the past._
_When I pronounce the word Silence,I destroy it._
_When I pronounce the word Nothing,I make something no non-being can hold_
( Wislawa Szymborska)
When Chetan Bhagat makes his God say *medium amount* of Intelligence and *a bit* of Imagination, he is actually deconstructing himself.
उसके शव्द उसको बार्बाद कर रहे है।
The popular literature is not real literature because it lacks depth of intellectual analysis and flight of Imagination without wings of philosophy.
Thus only tgese two adjectives for intelligence n imagination are enough for on@tcc's critique.
*Well, can you find anything in this image to deconstruct it?*